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Are there risks to aquatic rehab after my surgery? by Jennifer Garcia, PTA

There are many benefits of aquatic rehab, but throughout the years, this question continues to arise. What about infections? Are there risks to entering the water after my surgery? Doctors recommend allowing the incision area to heal fully following surgery before submerging in a tub or pool, and this should be strictly enforced to avoid infections. However, with the proper dressing over a wound, the risk of infection dramatically decreases.

What is patellar tendonitis?

Are you having pain in the front of your knee that gets worse with running, jumping, kicking, squatting, or going up and down stairs? You may be suffering from patellar tendonitis.

Warm up; gardening is work!

Spring is soon to be upon us! (Insert thunderous applause) While most vegetables will not go into the ground until after Mother’s Day, to avoid the last frost, now is the time to plan. While planning your flower beds, garden plots, and hanging basket displays we would like you to remember a few things to prevent aches and pains later:
Warm up; gardening is work!

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